You do everything – Final version

You do everything – Final version
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You do everything – Final version A spectator hides a deck of cards under a table so that... mehr
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You do everything – Final version

A spectator hides a deck of cards under a table so that nobody can see them. He runs through them, and selects one randomly, turns it over, and puts it back wherever he wants in the deck. After having cut the deck, he gives it back to the magician who spreads the cards face down on the table. Among the face down cards there is obviously now one face up. Incredibly this card will correspond to the one written in a prediction that was sitting in plain sight on the table from the very beginning. The spectator dose everything… fantastic!

• Very easy to do and with a great impact on the audience.
• A perfect fit for any card magic or close up performance.
• The effect can be instantly repeated. The “prediction” cards in each set could be different. 
• A great effect to always carry around and amaze everybody.
• We supply a trick deck, and a regular deck which you can use for many other tricks. Both are poker size.

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