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This is a mindreading miracle with devilishly clever ideas, which is easily mastered using the... mehr
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This is a mindreading miracle with devilishly clever ideas, which is easily mastered using the special flash cards included. Even when knowledgeable magicians watch this trick, phrases like “that’s impossible!” automatically come out of their mouths.
Phase 1: After the spectator mixes the flash cards thoroughly, he puts them on the table face down. You ask the spectator to cut the packet at any spot he likes. Taking the top card off the tabled packet, display its face to the spectator. Once he remembers the word printed on it, place it back on top of the tabled packet, face down as before. You now read the spectator’s mind and are able to draw an image that matches the word the spectator is thinking of.
Phase 2:  Hand the packet of flash cards to the spectator and ask him to mix them. Now turn your back to the spectator. When he’s done shuffling, ask him to square the cards. Tell him to cut the packet at any point, taking the top half with his right hand. He is to tilt the face of the cut-off packet toward himself and look at and remember the word on the card he sees. Ask him to replace the cut-off cards and then hide the reassembled packet so you can’t see it. Without asking any questions, you can draw an image that matches the freely chosen word which he is merely thinking of.
n from the audience and they really belive that you can read minds.
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