Tenyo - Dream Psychometry | Zaubertrick

Tenyo - Dream Psychometry | Zaubertrick
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When someone reads our mind and guesses the things we deeply desire, we are amazed by this. When... mehr
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When someone reads our mind and guesses the things we deeply desire, we are amazed by this. When a trick combines a clever mathematical principle with devilishly constructed patter and presentation it can become first-rate mental magic.
Bring this trick anywhere you go; perform it and amaze your friends. You will be surprised by the spectator’s reaction, which will be much stronger than you think.
The magicinas displays a card with 14 different items printed on it and asks a spectator to think of one item that he strongly desires from among them. Then he brings out four different cards which each have some of the same items printed on them. The magician shows these four cards to the spectator one by one and asks him if he sees the item he’s selected. He further asks the spectator to concentrate strongly on the item he’s chosen. During this, the magician never sees the faces of the four cards. The magician then reads the spectator’s mind and correctly divines the chosen item.
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