New vanishing Coka Cola Bottle

New vanishing Coka Cola Bottle
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The vanishing bottle in a tube has been on the market for a long time, but this new model... mehr
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The vanishing bottle in a tube has been on the market for a long time, but this new model has liquid inside (you see it splashing) and it even has the real, rounded closed bottom!

You cannot see any difference from an ordinary bottle even from a couple of feet away, and even if you see it from below. 
Yet, it disappears in the traditional way! The bottle is made from an original 1/2 litre Coke® bottle.
The trick is a proven winner, and it will be for you, too, because it has all the ingredients of a successful performance, and yet is very easy to do! 
You can show it close up, surrounded, on stage, for children or adults, silent or talking. An excellent routine is included.
The trick, which has taken years to perfect is extremely deceptive! We predict that you will use it in all your shows! If ever there was a winner, this is it!
Here are the important features:
• Never seen before!
• This unique, new model has rounded, closed bottom!
• It has Coke inside; they can see the liquid splash!
• You do not need to cover the bottle with a silk, and no more palming!
• The bottle looks exactly as in the photo!
• New, better routine with extra surprises!
• Spring Flowers and silks are not included.

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