Luxx - Shadow

Luxx - Shadow
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Here is the second edition of Luxx Playing Cards. Is made with Randy and Lawrence (Legends... mehr
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Here is the second edition of Luxx Playing Cards. Is made with Randy and Lawrence (Legends Playing Card Company founder) to bring you another beautiful deck with new features. 
The "shadow" theme, for the second edition, has a darker feel, coupled with lovely metallic inks. 
The tuck is made of the same thick stock you loved from v1. A shimmering black foil twinned by a beautiful gold and silver accent foil makes this packaging look and feel unique, the inner is laminated for a unique look and feel. 
The card backs feature the same intricate design from Randy we all loved, but based in tones of grey and black with silver and gold metallic inks. The shading creates a very cool effect when spread and fanned. 
The courts and pips are the same cool design from v1 - traditional with a twist. The four colour suits have been replaced with metallic red and golds. 

• The cards are poker size.
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