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Just that
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Just that   The magician pulls out a prediction from a small wallet and puts it on the... mehr
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Just that


The magician pulls out a prediction from a small wallet and puts it on the table. He then has a card selected from a deck. When the prediction is turned around, the audience will start to laugh as on it there are printed all the 52 cards o a deck, and naturally also the selected one. After this little joke, the magician repeats the effect to another spectator. This time though, to every-bodies surprise, on the printed prediction, the chosen card will unexpectedly turn face down among all the other face up cards! The prediction can then be handed out for complete examination.

• Two different cards can be magically revealed.
• The cards are plastic coated so that they will last a long time.
• The regular deck needed is not supplied, but the small carrying wallet is.
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