Distance (DVD and Gimmicks) by SansMinds

Distance (DVD and Gimmicks) by SansMinds
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Distance (DVD and Gimmicks) by SansMinds  Distance is a fast attention grabber with... mehr
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Distance (DVD and Gimmicks) by SansMinds 

Distance is a fast attention grabber with nothing but a pen that sits in your pocket. Not only it is visually engaging, everyone walks out with a new skill they can share with their friends and talk about YOU! 

Ever since the visual concept was proposed by Nicholas Lawrence in early 2014, it took over one year for the entire SansMinds Creative Lab crew to develop the handling and perfect the effect with countless real world performances. Distance, is finally here. 

At any time you pull out the pen from your pocket. Take the cap off and rub it against your sleeve to magnetize it. The cap then visually jumps from your fingertips back to the pen at an inch away. This is a fun trick that never fails to earn audience interest to learn. You show them how it's done by squeezing the tip of the pen cap. When your spectators do it, they can do it from an inch or two away. But when YOU do it, the cap flies all the way across your chest to join the pen. The plot is believable and the visual is insanely unbelievable. Your spectator could even hold the pen while the pen flies all the way to cap itself. It's an amazing visual. 

Distance is a fast and interactive effect. Whether if you are a miracle worker, sales person, event host, or public speaker, this will help you break the ice and engage people at an instant. it takes no pocket space, once set up it's self-contained and will always be ready to amaze in your pocket. Distance can also be performed with borrowed sharpie and various markers. 

Comes with a set of custom made pen and everything you need to perform Distance. 

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