Creating Theatrical Magic Book by Max Howard

Creating Theatrical Magic Book by Max Howard
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Max Howard overwhelmed us with this honest, artful examination of his life and work. It's rare... mehr
Produktinformationen "Creating Theatrical Magic Book by Max Howard"

Max Howard overwhelmed us with this honest, artful examination of his life and work. It's rare to find a magic book that has elements of memoir inside, but in this fine book, Max takes you through his fascinating life and how it has affected his magic. He spent more than thirty years as a professional actor, and along the way, he has developed a magical philosophy all his own. The book has heart, and lots of sage wisdom. Best of all, this is NOT the same old advice many magicians offer. This book is filled with specific techniques and how Max applied them to the character he created, and the show he has crafted. Best of all, it comes with a DVD of his "War Wizard" show, which captures Max and his wife doing their full evening show. 

More Info:

Max Howard's Creating Theatrical Magic uncovers the fundamental elements of theater, stagecraft, and acting that transform common "tricks"into powerful, emotional experiences of magic. 
It achieves this through a detailed study of The War Wizard-the highly acclaimed historical magic show that Max and Diane Bray have been performing for over 30 years.

This book-DVD package includes:

  • Video of the entire The War Wizard show, plus alternate videos of the magic performed in it (over 2.5 hours of video content).
  • A script of the show with extensive annotations about its theatrical elements.
  • Explanations of all the magic, including Max's masterpiece, "The Wand and Bottle."
  • Running commentary throughout that illuminates the work and process of giving life to a theatrically powerful magic show. 
  • 256 page Hardcover with DVD Included

 Max Howard is a true master of magical presentation.Eugene Burger

Max Howard is more than a magician. He is an artist. The theatrical skills he brings to his magic make for a one-of-a-kind show experience.Joshua Jay

Max Howard is my idol, and I want to know whatever he's willing to share!Daryl

Every time I hear Max Howard speak about the craft of acting with the art of magic I am inspired to get better. His passion for quality will help you to find the untapped potential in your work.Giovanni Livera

Max Howard is a great teacher and he cares enough about the art of magic to share his wisdom with serious students. Don't miss [any] opportunity to study the theatrical arts with this master of the craft.Jeff McBride

Few people in the world are so uniquely qualified to help magicians understand and apply the real secrets of performance as actor, magician, director, and playwright Max Howard. He will help you achieve a dramatic improvement in your magic, in every sense of the term.Joe Turner

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