Celebridate by Sean Goodman

Celebridate by Sean Goodman
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CelebriDate  is a stunning piece of close up mentalism, which could easily be used on... mehr
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CelebriDate is a stunning piece of close up mentalism, which could easily be used on stage as well. 

Here's One Routine:
A diary is handed out for examination. Within it are 366 famous birthdays alongside each of the 366 days of the year (including a leap year!). YOU NEVER TOUCH THE DIARY AGAIN... 

A spectator writes down a special birthday on a business card. 

A deck of cards is introduced, shuffled and a card freely selected (NO FORCE). You explain that this playing card reminds you of a famous person, which you write down. 

The diary is opened and the name alongside the spectator's birthday is read out - IT MATCHES YOUR PREDICTION. 

CelebriDate can be used WITHOUT CARDS, and you can also predict your spectator's starsign as well. It could therefore be used in conjunction with Starstruck, another one of Sean's effects. 

CelebriDate requires NO MEMORY WORK, is easily reset and everything is totally examinable. 

CelebriDate comes complete with a custom printed A6 sized pocket diary, special gimmicks and a comprehensive DVD outlining several routines and handling ideas.

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