Casual Cards by Paul Robaia

Casual Cards by Paul Robaia
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A unique geometric back design with simplified faces that will compliment the modern cardist,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Casual Cards by Paul Robaia"
A unique geometric back design with simplified faces that will compliment the modern cardist, magician, and/or card collector.
"My name is Paul Robaia, and I am the creator and designer of Casual Playing Cards. I am a Junior Magician at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and I am a card flourisher. Evidently, playing cards are an important part of my life, and I have amassed a relatively large collection of playing cards. Noticing the different styles of artwork seen within each deck in my collection, I particularly favored the modern and abstract genre of playing cards; my favorite deck in my collection is Magic Con's V2 deck because it embodies this genre.
I have always enjoyed creating artwork and graphic design, and within the past year, I desired to create my own deck of cards, inspired from the Magic Con V2 deck. After months of experimentation in Adobe Illustrator, I created Casuals. It was more difficult than I initially thought because it was like a puzzle trying to make a two way, triangular shaped, back design. I had to make each triangle in a specific size and color in order to collectively group them all together and make the back design look strikingly pleasant and clean to ones eye. I am content, though, with the result, and I hope you like it too."
• The cards are poker size.
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