Big Invisible Thread Reel

Big Invisible Thread Reel
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This product is made in America. It's better than Indonesia. It can support the weight of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Big Invisible Thread Reel"
This product is made in America. It's better than Indonesia.
It can support the weight of bicycle,so it's no problem to perform "shadow find brand".
Buy the props,can learn this magic. (Have a little on the technique requirements of the head,a little difficult. Basic a week or so can be learnt) And can change a lot of other about the magic of the shadow.
It is necessary for play floating or other mobile magic,it made in America. Super import magic hidden line,plus mini delicate prop exterior make up a high-grade magic items,the whole length is about (small size 6 CM) (large size 12 CM),no matter you are summer clothes,or winter clothes,won't affect you use. With delicate do manual work,even better than India's version of hidden line is connected with the import of magic wax,any item can be,it is more convenient to you with the use of props,the hidden line can spin to 1.5 m designed for beginners to products,small volume,convenient hidden. If you want to use the hidden line,the magic for beginners this is the best promotion project,as long as the tiny hidden line don't tube in your clothes or shirt inside is enough. Stretch into,take out you need secret line up to the people,show a kind of mystery. Can show paper money is suspended,match suspension,moving objects,and mind magic etc.,suitable for stage and close multi-function. The props also can play the hummingbird brand and other floating magic.


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