Bicycle Transducer deck

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Bicycle - Transducer Oriduru edition   This deck of cards goes back to the culture and... mehr
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Bicycle - Transducer Oriduru edition


This deck of cards goes back to the culture and the oriental style of Japan, and in particular to the "Oriduru". This is the name of the paper cranes made with origami. An ancient Japanese legend has it that those who fold a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane. Other legends say that eternal fortune, a long life or recovery from illness and injury will be granted. The cranes are in fact in Japan considered  sacred creatures and said to live for a thousand years!
New backs, 2 original jokers and a case made with metallic silver ink that combined with the white and black gives a 3D effect.
• The poker size cards, have the usual quality of Bicycle decks.
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