Bicycle - Old Parchment

Bicycle - Old Parchment
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Bicycle Old Parchment is an ode to the days before the printing press. It is a classic look... mehr
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Bicycle Old Parchment is an ode to the days before the printing press. It is a classic look that will forever be inscribed in history. The yellowed brittle paper has been the template in which many historic writings have been produced. The most famous being the Declaration of Independence. This one of a kind deck is one for the ages so be sure to get yours today for your collection.
Printed by USPCC - 100% hand drawn artwork - Custom pips - Custom seal - Air-Cushion Finish
The back design is reminiscent of an old map design and portrays the dusty burn marks outlining the entire card.
The face cards are standard with a sandy look to them. The burn marks also line the card.
The numbered cards have very interesting pip designs. Similar to the back cards they are mazed patterns similar to designs of the olden days.
The Jokers are almost puppet like figures dressed in warm oranges and yellows to compliment the style of the paper.
• The cards are poker size and of the usual Bicycle quality.
• Printed on Casino Quality Bee stock with Magic Finish provides exceptional handling.
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