Bicycle - Elemental - Earth

Bicycle - Elemental - Earth
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The Earth, Wind, Fire & Water Decks by Collectable Playing Cards is the most famous Elements.... mehr
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The Earth, Wind, Fire & Water Decks by Collectable Playing Cards is the most famous Elements. These elements are what brought us here and what is keeping us alive. Each one intertwines into each other. One can not live without the other. Be sure to own the whole collection in order to survive.
Wind Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Air is the element that you cannot touch or see, but it can be mysteriously contained, like blowing up a balloon. When it is contained in this way, it somehow escapes or gets stale. Air people are free and cannot be contained or this same thing will happen to them. Air is uncertain and unpredictable, it can spawn a horrendous thunderstorm with violent winds and the pressure drops and raises by the minute.
• The cards are poker size, and have the usual Bicycle quality.
• Printed by USPCC. The back of these cards have a beautiful fan and a kaleidoscopic design.
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