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Here for you is the Bicycle Color Collection. An elegant maxi-case enclosing 9 regular Bicycle... mehr
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Here for you is the Bicycle Color Collection.
An elegant maxi-case enclosing 9 regular Bicycle poker size decks in 9 different colors.
Get our Bicycle poker decks (rider back) at an unbelievable price. Included in this case you will find 9 Bicycle decks and two professional close-up pads (1 black and 1 red).
Bicycle Color Collection is a worldwide exclusive by Vincenzo Di Fatta.
• The close-up pads included are standard size (cm 40 x 27,5) and professional. They are made of two layers: non-slip rubber under, and soft fabric above.
Out of the 9 decks enclosed in this maxi-case, 6 are Vincenzo Di Fatta’s worldwide exclusive, realized in collaboration with The U.S. Playing Card Co.
• The colors of the 9 decks are: Blue, Red, Black, Orange, Silver, Gold, Green, Fuchsia, Turquoise.
• The maxi-case looks like a super jumbo Bicycle case. The maxi-case is cm 45 x 32,5 x 3,5 (in. 18 x 13 x 1,6).
Format: Pokersize
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