Bicycle - Aves 2 - White case

Bicycle - Aves 2 - White case
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This beautiful deck of playing cards is inspired by birds from all over the world. The name... mehr
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This beautiful deck of playing cards is inspired by birds from all over the world.
The name comes from the proper scientific classification for birds. "Aves" is also Latin and Spanish for "Birds."
The Aves playing cards were hand drawn by a world-class artist - Karina Eibatova - before being turned into digital art prior to being transformed into gorgeous playing cards, just for you!

This is the brand new version of the Aves deck, with an all new back and case. Instead of feathers covering each millimeter of the card back, there is now more breathing room. The new Bicycle tuck case removes the feathered spade from the front of the box and is replaced with the elaborate and sophisticated Owl.
• The cards are poker size and of the usual Bicycle quality.
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